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Services, Pricing and Session Types

In my sessions I am able to:

  • Release negative cords and attachments that may prohibit deep healing and void soul contracts from this life and those carried over from past lives

  • Invoke the violet flame to remove negative energies, entities, blockages and attachments from the physical, mental and energetic bodies

  • Clear trapped emotions within ones physical body

  • Release limiting beliefs and societal programming from ones mental body

  • Heal physical, mental and emotional traumas from this lifetime and past lifetimes

  • Facilitate the healing of the bodies cells, restoring the body to optimal function

  • Telepathically communicate with ones higher self

  • Clear and Balance the Chakras and Auric Field

  • Offer insight and guidance through dream interpretation​

  • Provide support and insight throughout the ascension and awakening process

  • Recognize and heal traumas carried on from past lifetimes

  • Channel light language to download light codes into the physical body

  • Channel messages from past loved ones, guides, angels and your personal team

  • Intuitively receive information from your higher self and soul essence to provide guidance along your true path of enlightenment and healing

  • Connect with an animals higher self to decipher the root of medical and behavioral issues

  • Communicate with an animals higher self to heal their traumas and emotional blockages

Pricing and Session Types


  • $2 per minute for all session types/services

  • $40 for 15 minute mini sessions at events

Session Types: 

  • All healing modalities, services and readings are currently offered as distance phone sessions scheduled as a predetermined amount of time.

  • Animal healing, reading and/or communications are conducted distantly. These sessions are usually a predetermined amount of time. To learn more about this session type and what it includes, visit my Animal Healing Page.

  • All readings and spiritual guidance sessions can be conducted either as a timed phone session or be scheduled for a predetermined amount of time.

  • Readings may also be conducted by emailing me your questions, which you will then receive a typed report and pictures of cards pulled if applicable after I conduct the reading privately. This option is timed on how long it takes me to conduct the reading while noting any information, messages or insight received. Readings of this option will be conducted within 48 hours of receiving confirmation and reports will be sent once payment is received

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