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How do animals tell us that they may need healing?

Believe it or not, animals sometimes require healing of their physical, mental and spiritual bodies just as we humans do! Just like us, animals are capable of storing trauma from this life and even past lives as well. This trauma can be the cause of many things that people usually label as behavioral issues or problems that may arise physically. Trauma, if not acknowledged and healed properly, can root itself within the physical, mental and spiritual bodies.

Just as we humans require healing and guidance from others, animals often require the same thing! They can feel something and react and have no idea why they are feeling triggered or how to properly direct the energy they are experiencing. Animals are also incredibly sensitive to environmental energies and shifts. Just as we have off days, they have them as well. You know, how we say "what is it, a full moon?" when things start getting weird? They can feel the energetic shifts too!

Animals display behavioral changes or develop health issues when experiencing or repressing trauma from things such as past or present abuse, sudden life changes (change in owner/environment), changes to diet or daily routines and more! Even though we may not see some changes as a big deal, animals can usually beg to differ. 

When it comes to addressing and healing these things, we just gotta dig a little deeper and communicate these changes to them. 

This is where I come in!

What to expect when having an
Animal Healing Session with me

Once you contact me about booking a session for your animal, here is what will usually happen:

  1. We will schedule a free 15 minute phone call consultation. This phone call is meant to gather information on your animal and your concerns. I will most likely have questions already prepared regarding the animals medical and/or behavioral history based on information that I receive intuitively prior to talking with you. 

  2. Once the consultation is complete, we will decide how much time you would like me to spend communicating and working with your animal. First sessions for an animal are usually recommended to be an hour so that I have an adequate amount of time to run through my questions and protocols with your animal telepathically through their higher self and then send some healing energy based on my discussion with them. I have been told by several clients that their animals seem to relax while I am working with them and then have shown immediate signs of improvement.

  3. Once the session is complete, I will notify you that I have just finished working with your animal and will check in on how they were during the session. I will then type up a summary of what occurred during the session such as information I received from your animal's higher self, suggestions as to how to continue working with your animal to improve their health and behavioral wellbeing as well as any other additional information I may have recieved during the session. 

!!Please Note!!

I am not a certified veterinarian and am aiming to become a certified animal nutritionist and behavioral therapist. Any advice or insight that I provide is completely based on my own studies of animal behavior and health as well as intuitively received information. I do not diagnose or guarantee immediate treatment. My work is meant to help you better understand how to work with your animal(s) and to help them process, integrate and release energetic components. 

Why I started working with animals

You know how kids are always changing what they want to be when they grow up. First it's an artist, then a teacher or construction worker, then a doctor or an astronaut? I was definitely not one of those kids. 

When I was 6 years old, we got our first family dog. I'll give you a hint as to why the specific dog with my title picture. She was a fluffy white standard poodle puppy. I received her name immediately, a name that just so happened to have many similarities to the name of the dog that she had reincarnated from, a former dog of my mothers. This dog had reincarnated back into my family for over 4 lifetimes. Each lifetime having a different purpose.

When I started working with her as a puppy, I made the decision that I wanted to be a veterinarian and never waivered, not once. I was reading animal encyclopedias and veterinarian text books on nutrition and behavioral studies by the age of 7. I knew my calling was to work with an help animals. At that point, being in a 3D consciousness, the best way to live out that mission was to be a veterinarian.

Over the course of her life she developed several health and behavioral problems due to trauma and energetic sensitivities. 5 veterinarians gave us no resources or help with her, just wanting us to keep getting more tests and put her on different, prescription foods full of chemicals and substances that no animal should ever ingest. When we were reaching the end of a line with her, my mother and I had a session with a friend who was an animal nutritionist and healer. Her insight and avice gave us the information needed that veterinarians so conveniently did not provide. Acting on this insight, she became the healthiest she had been her whole life, atleast for a short while. Unfortunately, environmental triggers and traumas made her incredibly sick to the point where she became traumatized just from my mother and I trying to handle and interact with her. Eventually, she had an acid reflux and digestive episode that took us once again to a pet E.R. It was there that we made the decision to have her put to sleep, to put our selfish reasonings of not wanting to let her go aside. Shortly before her passing, I wrote an essay for school that revolved around research done on the desensitization and trauma that veterinarian students were forced to endure in their schooling and practices. 

While I grieved her, I realized that I had been aiming for the wrong profession nearly my whole life. So many veterinarians and clinics gaslighted her symptoms and concerns. And yet one healer was able to help more than all of the others combined.

I was already living holistically and shadowed my mothers spiritual healing journey and business at this point. If she was able to work with people, why couldn't I work with animals??

This was when it hit me, I was always meant to be a healer and work with animals, I just needed to have a completely different approach. From that point on, I received my Reiki Master attunement and started doing intuitive exercises so that I could start working with animals and connecting with them telepathically. She was my reason from the beginning and she is still my reason to this day. She has since reincarnated once again into another part of my family. Her higher self joins me quit often when working with animals to help them understand my presence and intentions. 

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