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About Danielle of Dani's Divination

My current profile picture that appears on my social media and business card

I was born on April 24th 2001 with a fully awakened consciousness. So much so, that I was trying to communicate with my mother in such a pure, energetic, telepathic way that she didn't know what was going on and was nervous to be alone with me. I came in awake with my first mission of being the trigger and catalyst for her awakening. 


Within the first few years of my life, my consciousness was completely shut down due to social, educational, religious, cultural and health care conditioning. My first recollection of anything spiritual was when I started seeing auras, angels, spirit guides and other entities around 4 years old. Of course, as a child, I was told I was making things up or had imaginary friends. This completely shut down my consciousness once again. 


By the age of 10, I was so energetically sensitive that my family was considering having me tested for autism, not understanding why I was so sensitive and distanced from other children. Around the same time, my mother had found Reiki and energy healing as an answer for her health issues but also an answer/solution to my sensitivities. We confirmed that I was overly empathic and sensitive to others energetic fields and imprints. This was the beginning of my second awakening. At this point, I started collecting and working with crystals and started seriously questioning the religious teachings of my childhood. These questionings further opened up my inner knowledge and universal channels. 


At age 12 I was diagnosed with Hypothyroid and Type 2 diabetes, was clinically diagnosed with depression and anxiety and was severely overweight with chronic, unexplainable and debilitating headaches that I had lived with since infancy; this led to my second consciousness shut down and the beginning of my first "Dark night of the Soul" as most refer to it. I started healing core wounds and vaccine injuries without even fully realizing what I was healing on a cellular level.


I continued to shadow my mother as she grew her business, even helping her sell her own products at events while she did energy healing on people. I always felt very connected to such holistic and natural-living communities. Even though I moved along after my mother, I continued to struggle to accept my rapidly advancing gifts and largely suppressed them for the majority of my teenage years. My clairvoyant abilities of seeing auras, spirit guides, angels and entities, that I had been born with and was aware of in my early childhood, had started coming back online at this point as well as the heightening of my claircognizant channel by receiving intuitive guidance and insight from higher sources. Of course, I had no idea where any of this stuff was coming from. Around this time was when I also started remembering my past lives and seeing soul contracts and cords between myself and others in my life.


My true healing journey began after I graduated high school in May of 2019 and started my first part time job, during which I was hospitalized several times due to my decreasing health while still dealing with Hypothyroid and Type 2 Diabetes. This was when I had decided I was done with being sick as a young adult and that my body and mind needed to be healed from years and even lifetimes of trapped emotions and trauma. 


I started attending group healing events, receiving private healing and started fully awakening to my gifts once more. I was attuned as a Reiki Master in February of 2020 and started my healing journey anew. I started a metaphysical products business in September of 2021 and started offering intuitive readings at holistic events as well as received my ordination and spiritual counselor certification in 2022. I never expected to have such successful events as a "beginner intuitive reader". 


My practice extends to the animal and mineral kingdoms as well. My drive to start my healing practice for animals sparking to life after the loss of a beloved pet, fueling me with a desire to help animals in an energetic, homeopathic way after enduring her being failed by 5 veterinarian practices. I had planned my entire life to become a vet until this loss showed me that I was truly meant to help animals on a different path. This determination was what pushed me to receive my Usui and Tibetan Reiki attunement so I could professionally work with animals. 


I now have my own remote and in person divine healing, reading/guidance and channeling practice alongside my metaphysical products business and strive to enlighten, heal and educate others along their paths. For now, I will be selling my products at local fairs and events and offering readings at a variety of holistic events. I aspire to travel through the states and eventually to other parts of the world to spread my light and wisdom.

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