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This reading will consist of cards pulled to represent a yes or no answer to your question. This reading will include insight on the overall answer and the cards pulled as the energies are in the present moment. The tarot cards will be drawn from the Shadowscapes Tarot Deck as will an additional oracle card from a randomly selected deck as an overall card. 

Upon purchasing you will receive a file as a thank you message and will be sent your report and cards via email within 48 hours after your order is placed. 

Please thoroughly read and understand the included disclaimer before purchasing.


Please note: Purchasing this reading is an agreement that you have read and understand the disclaimer. 

Please send your yes/no question through my contact page. I will not answer questions that do not have a definite outcome such as "will this happen?"

Yes/No Reading

  • No opinions, insight, information or intuitively received guidance takes place of any diagnosis or treatment of any kind and does not constitute legal, financial, professional or medical advice. This reading is meant purely to enlighten, empower and encourage.

    Any reading or healing service received from me is for personal growth and healing which you are responsible for facilitating. I am not responsible or liable for any decisions made or actions taken by you after any session received from me.

    I receive information purely through my own intuitive channel when connecting with yours, which entails that no information received is 100% accurate from one moment to the next as rapidly changing energies can change any insight or information channeled at any given moment.  

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