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Light Language is a Multi Dimensional coding system comprised of symbols and sounds that cannot be translated into any human language. 

Light Language comes to most in symbols and in audible sounds spoken like regular words. I recieve these symbols and codes through my Third Eye as well as through my regular sight. 

I receive these codes from Source as activations to assist with DNA upgrades and healing of the physical body on a cellular level. 

The codes shown are examples of symbols I have received in my own practice, the symbol(s) that you receive when purchasing this item will be channeled through my higher self when connecting to your higherself and Source. 


Please add a note at checkout or send me a message here with your order number if you have a specific intention that you would like me to channel into when receiving your codes i.e optimal health, flow of abundance, self love etc. Also please note if you would like to recieve a physical 2.75"x4.75" card with your code on it to use in meditation, sacred spaces etc. with your mailing address. 



Light Language Activation Card

  • The file that you will receive upon purchasing this item is an example only. You will be sent your symbol/codes via email as a jpeg or png upon completion. 

  • All products sold are made by Dani's Divination. All recipes are classified and no products may be resold or marketed in any way. No artwork that I sell may be copied in anyway or be sold by other parties. 

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