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Light Language Linguistics

A lot of people see or hear the term "Light Language" and can light be a language? Or, how can there be a language comprised of light?

What is Light Language?

Light Language is more so a divine coding system than a language. It's difference from a language is that languages can be translated. Human made languages at least. It is most often compared to Sanskrit when spoken, though it is never brought through exactly the same way twice. Light Language is a coding system programmed to clear our energetic fields, infuse light and love energy of the purest form, upgrade our cellular structures and unlock the full potential of our DNA to activate on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

How is Light Language Received?

Light Language coding and sounds are primarily received through our energetic channels that are naturally connected to Source such as sounds spoken through our throat chakra, symbols intuitively received through our crown chakra and symbols and patterns physically seen through our third eye chakra.

Why is Light Language not translatable into any human language?

As a divinely pure coding system channeled through us by Source, it flows through each recipient differently. Both my mother and I can speak verbal representations of sounds and phrases that we receive intuitively. Often times, she comes to me with a sound or phrase she receives in sessions with clients, and I am able to receive a physical symbol to represent what she received. Due to the uniqueness of each energetic imprint of any recipient, the transmissions filter through our channels at a different vibration to be received differently based on our ability and willingness to receive.

How can I channel Light Language?

Light Language is accessible by all. However, blocked energy channels and lack of trust in one's own intuition and their connection to Source can warp the transmissions. I most often receive transmissions when I intentionally channel such as for a client or for artwork. It can also be helpful to meditate with a specific intention when trying to receive a transmission. Some intentions may include integrating energies of self-love or clearing energetic blockages.

Is there a way to interpret Light Language?

In contrast to translating, there are several ways to interpret Light Language that vary for each recipient. If you are channeling with a specific intent, then it is easy to assume that the symbols or codes you receive belong to that specific intent. For example, I once meditated intentionally for self-love and received a symbol specifically for that intent, I sat with the symbol drawn on a card and noticed that parts of it looked like different letter that spelled out LOVE. Searching for letters and patterns that we recognize is another way of interpretation. Sometimes, we simply receive guidance intuitively as to what a symbol is meant for or the energy that powers it. Don't forget, interpretations will vary but they are never wrong. They simply just depend on each person's energetic signature and what they are able to receive at any given moment.

How can I work with Light Language?

There are many ways to work with these codes. As mentioned before, when channeling, the received sounds and phrases may be spoken to cleanse the energy centers of the body from blockages and trauma. If tangible symbols are received, they may be drawn and used to meditate with as well. I have also liked to channel transmissions for specific intentions to place the coding within my sacred spaces. When we work with physical symbols, these codes are received through our Third Eye Chakra and into the optic nerve to send these enlightened codes into our nervous system to further integrate into our cellular structures and DNA. This then transforms our cells and DNA into a higher state of being to raise our vibration and purify our energetic frequency.

Receiving these transmissions may occur as a sudden urge to just doodle. Saying this, I'm sure you can remember a time you felt such a strong urge to just scribble and scrawl and never understood why. Perhaps, you felt more inspired, or energetically lighter afterwards now that those transmissions have been given an outlet. Another common form is when baby's "speak gibberish".

Representation of Light Language in media:

We know that a lot of language in many fantasy universes are made up...but are they truly?

Such as the Navi languages in Avatar, Elvish in Lord of the Rings and Valerian in Game of Thrones.

But these languages where still written by people, how do you suppose they came up with them on a whim? Yes, they were "randomly created", but does that fully rule out the possibility that these words and phrases somehow were not actually received as transmissions as an attempt to enlighten media and plant a seed to trigger awakening within humanity?

This is one of the closer theories that proves that Light Language can be translated, but a perfect show that it is never interpreted the same by different recipients.

How can I get my own custom Light Language Activation Card?

I offer digital downloads in my shop for you to receive your own Channeled Light Language Card infused with codes received to specifically amplify your energetic awareness, update your cellular structure and activate ascension within your DNA. I offer a digital download once your codes are received; you may also send me a message to be sent a physical card to work with as well.

I sell my custom cards at any events I exhibit at, in addition to one-of-a-kind art pieces that are ready to bring home immediately.

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Love and Light, Dani <3

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What an amazing article! Articulated so beautifully! The way Dani is able to break down complex topics into digestible content speaks to the type of visionary leader she is! I highly recommend booking a session with her to explore more!

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